If you want to sell your homes faster, you need to attract buyers to the property or propose an effective deal. In case the buyer hired an agent, you'll be the one to talk to them; it's a crucial step in finalising a deal. Consider some of the tips below and a sale might be finalised as fast as right now.


1. Use the MLS - by listing your property among the Multiple Listings Service, you're exposing it in one of the best ways possible. Generally, it's not the listings agent's who sell the property; the agents hired by the buyers will be the ones to bring possible need to sell my house fast buyers for a viewing of the property. It's the responsibility of the agent's buyers to grab a copy of available properties under MLS. So by not having the property listed under MLS, tons of opportunities are missed.


2. Considerable Price - offering a good or considerable price is crucial. If the buyer's agent deems the price to high for the property, then they won't bother bringing to buyer to the property; the seller alongside their listing agent will be the ones who decide on the price. Avoid the strategy of overpricing and hoping that buyers will offer a lower amount anyway; most of the time, overpriced properties are not displayed in the listings.


3. Fair Commission - discounting the commission that you'll offer to the buyer's agent is not exactly a good idea. Don't be surprised when the buyer's agent won't even bother showing your listing if the commission is below the standard amount. The sellers that chose to offer higher commissions receive more activities for their property; be sure to pay competitive commissions. Learn about real estate at


4. Give Bonuses to the Buyer's Agent - you'd be surprised how much a moderate bonus can do for your transactions; the property will most likely be prioritised in the list if you offer the bonus to the agent. Take note that the bonus is separate from the commission in the MLS, it's obviously an incentive.



5. Easy to View and Show - the property should be available for show during any time. As a seller, you need to adjust your schedule and be available whenever a potential buyer wants to view the property. A 24 to 72 hours appointment is not necessary, a 2 or 3 hour notice would suffice. Properties that are difficult to show will most likely turn off potential sell your house to an online investor and have them looking for another property.